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The Leadership Agility® 360

Leadership Agility is the powerful set of skills required to guide organizations to success in a world of increasing complexity and accelerating pace of change. Agility 11’s Founder, Brad Swanson, is a Certified Leadership Agility® 360 Coach.

The Leadership Agility® 360 is a powerful assessment of your current leadership skills and a framework for growing and improving as a leader, leveraging feedback from your boss, peers and stakeholders.

What our clients are saying…

Like many 360 feedback models, the Leadership Agility Model compares self assessment to assessments from a leaders peers and manager. However, unlike other models, the Leadership Ability model categorizes the feedback along leadership competency axes from expert, to achiever, to catalyst AND across action areas for pivotal conversations, team improvements, and leading change. The matrixed feedback indicated where I defaulted to certain behavior in one action area based on my own expertise (e.g. in pivotal conversations), and that I would approach a situation as an achiever or catalyst in other areas. This helped me identify areas for improvement in my leadership style - for example in situations where leading from expertise was not helping my team as much as it would if I approached them more as a catalyst. This level of insight was new to me, and also much more relevant and personalized to my own leadership aspirations than other models such as DISC. Brad [Swanson, Agility11 President] is an expert in this model, and his one-on-one coaching was essential for understanding this model (there's a lot to it), getting the mode from the feedback, and finding insights that I could carry forward into new ways of working with my team.

— Trevor S., Manager of Software and IT, ePlan Services

“The Leadership Agility program has given me a lot of valuable, actionable feedback. It has really made me think about the different levels (individual, team, and organization) of interaction and how I behave at each level. I really appreciate the focus on not just my weaknesses, but also my strengths. It gives me a good idea of what I should continue to do while I also have areas to improve. Brad [Swanson, Agility11 President] is an excellent coach and has given me many good insights. He has provided many good suggestions on tools that I can use while I’m working on my improvement items.”

— Trevor P, Director at a national telecommunications company

Contact us to sign up for the Leadership Agility® 360 for yourself or your leadership team. Not ready for the full 360? Ask us about the Leadership Agility Accelerator self-assessment.

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