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Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-I)


Business Agility is the capability for your entire organization to deliver value more quickly and adapt to the accelerating pace of change in the global economy. The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL 1) course teaches Leadership Agility -- the mindset, skills, and techniques required to guide a 21st century organization to achieve lasting Business Agility.

Training Developed by a Team of the World’s Best Agile Coaches

Our course content and facilitation and has been refined over many years by a team of the world's best Agile Leadership coaches & trainers. We have leveraged our collective expertise and experiences to create the Agile Leadership Journey - a truly world-class learning experience for Leaders.

Excellent course with tons of great takeaways. More executives need to get on board.
— Chris Porter, COO & Co-founder at

We’re already ‘doing Agile’. Why should I attend?

Has your organization achieved the impactful business results you hoped for with Agile? If so, how will you sustain it and continue to out-pace the competition? Year after year, industry surveys pinpoint Organization Culture as the number one barrier to true Agility, and the culture is driven by leadership at all levels. Time and time again, participants in our foundational Agile courses tell us “That course was great for me, but my boss really needs to be here too.”

This course is right for you…

  • If your organization is Doing Agile but not Being Agile

  • If your organization is undertaking an Agile Adoption or working toward the next level of Agility

  • If you want to develop the advanced leadership skills necessary to create an innovative organization in the face of complexity, uncertainty and rapid change.

What you'll learn in CAL 1 Training

  • Why Agility is a business imperative in the era of complexity

  • The values, principles and benefits of Agile methods

  • The mindset and behaviors of effective Agile leaders

  • Techniques to increase employee engagement

  • The 3-Stage Leadership Agility® Model for advancing your personal leadership skills

  • How to scale and sustain Agile practices across a large organization

  • Powerful frameworks for cultivating culture and leading organizational change.

  • Case studies of transformational leaders and Agile transformations within complex organizations

More dates will soon be scheduled; contact us if you’d like to be notified of schedule updates.

what our Cal-I participants are saying:

This course was eye-opening and empowering in helping me understand how to redirect an incomplete rollout of Agile in my organization.
— Veronika Vacek, Managing Director at Charles Schwab & Co.
Deep insight into Agile methodology and how to enable/support teams to be successful in Agile.
— Jennifer N., VP of Engineering Operations at software company Bazaar Voice
Interactive exercises. Thoughtful case studies. Next level thinking. Tangible examples/exercises that can be taken back to my organization.
— John G., Practice Area Leader at a national consulting company
The Leadership Agility program has given me a lot of valuable, actionable feedback. It has really made me think about the different levels (individual, team, and organization) of interaction and how I behave at each level. I really appreciate the focus on not just my weaknesses, but also my strengths. It gives me a good idea of what I should continue to do while I also have areas to improve. Brad is an excellent coach and has given me many good insights. He has provided many good suggestions on tools that I can use while I’m working on my improvement items.
— Trevor P, Director at a national telecom company


lead trainer: Brad Swanson, CST®, CEC, CAL Educator, Certified leadership agility® 360 coach

Since 1999, Agility 11 Founder Brad Swanson has been applying Agile practices to lead organizations to success. As a recognized expert in Lean & Agile delivery, Brad has been a trusted coach and consultant for executives and large organizations in Europe, Asia and North America, helping them to optimize their leadership practices, product management and development practices.  He is also an experienced Agile Trainer, using highly interactive and engaging techniques to teach thousands of students how to successfully apply Agile principles and practices.

Brad is a Certified Leadership Agility® 360 Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST), Certified Agile Coach (Certified Enterprise Coach®), CAL Educator® and Certified LeSS Practitioner (Large Scale Scrum). Brad has expertise in Scrum, Lean, and Kanban, and was an early adopter of eXtreme Programming (XP) in 1999. Brad is a former President of Agile Denver and co-founder of the Mile High Agile conference, the region’s largest Agile gathering. Brad is a speaker at international conferences including numerous Global Scrum Gatherings in the USA and Asia (6 times), Agile 20xx (4 times), Mile High Agile (6 times), Agile Tour Toronto, AgilePalooza, Agile Development Conference East & West, PMI Mile Hi Symposium, and many Meetups in the USA, South America and Asia.  He is passionate about building the right product — products that users love and achieve business results.

See what it's like to participate in a workshop facilitated by Brad Swanson from Agility 11. In this video, Brad is leading a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) workshop.