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Business Agility Achieved

Image by  Kim Paulin  under a  Creative Commons  license

Image by Kim Paulin under a Creative Commons license

Our mission at Agility 11 is for our clients to achieve Business Agility – this means going beyond just “doing Agile” to improving business results by leveraging Lean & Agile practices. We will guide you in the adoption of Lean & Agile practices and help you avoid the pitfalls along the way.

Our coaching program guides you through four steps toward Business Agility.

  1. Strategy & Alignment

  2. Learning & Practicing

  3. Accelerating & Optimizing

  4. Sustaining Innovation

Strategy & Alignment

The first and most important part of any Agile transformation initiative is create an effective long-term strategy that creates alignment across the organization – from top to bottom – around why we are doing this and how we will get there.

Agility 11 will facilitate workshops with your leadership team and delivery teams to create a long-term strategy for your Agile transformation, tailored to your organization’s culture.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” — Mark Fields, CEO & Ford Motor Co.

Learning & Practicing

With a strategy in place and alignment across the organization, Agility 11 will work ‘in the trenches’ with your delivery teams and leadership team to introduce new practices and become proficient quickly. Depending on the selected strategy, this may involve some or all of these activities.

  1. Training for teams and stakeholders

    • Scrum, Kanban, Product Management, Agile leadership, Agility at scale, Agile software practices (XP), DevOps

  2. In-the-trenches coaching for delivery teams to implement core Lean-Agile practices and overcome hurdles to adoption

  3. Leadership team & transformation team coaching to refine and implement your Agile strategy as new lessons are learned within the organization

Accelerating & Optimizing

Once your teams and organization have successfully implemented the basics of their new practices, it is time to build on that success by fine-tuning and optimizing practices to best suit your organization, and for people to internalize the principles behind these practices. This will develop the whole organization’s ability to continuously improve and achieve better business results.

At this stage in your journey, Agility 11 offers:

  1. Strategic & Leadership coaching: overcoming the obstacles that have emerged

  2. Advanced training and coaching: fine-tuning your leadership, team and product practices to achieve high performance and predictability

Sustaining Innovation

Here is the reality about successful Agile transformations: the journey never truly ends. Successful organizations never stop improving and innovating.

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else." -- Eric Ries

At this stage in the journey, we help you integrate, institutionalize and sustain successful practices across the organization, from leadership to sales to business support functions to product/project delivery. This is how to achieve true Business Agility.

During this phase, Agility 11 offers these services:

  1. Sustainment Strategy Workshops

  2. Coach the Coach: building your internal capability to continuously improve

  3. Periodic leadership coaching: on-site, remote, and via coaching circles

  4. Agile Leadership workshops and training

Brad [Agility 11 Founder] guided our two teams through the Agile methodology adoption process in a short period of time. He is well-versed in Agile principles and provided expert training and coaching through all aspects of what would have been a much more challenging transition without his solid, grounded approach. The team continues to rely on him for ongoing consultation, and I regularly seek his perspective as we evolve and mature our Agile processes. I was originally referred to him by a colleague, and I highly recommend him for teams looking to either make the transition from Agile from Waterfall, or take their Agile practices to the next level.
— Anne Kao, Director @ John Muir Health

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