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What Does Your Team Do For Fun?

Throughout my career, I’ve noticed that the strongest, most productive teams are the teams that have fun together. And what constitutes ‘fun’ can be different for each team. For example…

  • Nerf guns at the office

  • Re-create a Star Wars scene with LEGO spaceships hanging from the ceiling

  • Ask a random trivia question to kick off your daily stand-up meeting

  • Costume days: pick a movie, decade, musical genre, etc.

  • Team foosball or video game tournament

  • Kick off a meeting with a joke or cartoon

  • Team lunches and happy hours

  • Team outings (bowling, comedy show, movie, escape room, etc.)

  • Theme-based planning or retrospective meetings, e.g. a movie or musical genre

  • Choose fun avatars to use in your project/product planning tool

Fun can’t be forced, but a good Scrum Master or Coach will let the team decide for themselves what ‘fun’ means, and inject regular doses of play, enjoyment, and humor into team activities. Be sure to experiment with different activities so things don’t get stale.

How does your team have fun? Please leave a comment!

Bradley Swansontips, coaching