Agility 11
Raise Your Business Agility to a New Level


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Keepin' It Real with the Agile Principles Assessment

The best teams move beyond merely “Doing Scrum” to “Being Agile”. They embody the Agile principles rather than just following the mechanics of Scrum/Kanban/<insert your framework here>.

Here is a straightforward way to emphasize principles in your team’s Agile journey.

1. Review the 12 Agile Principles together as a team.

2. Team members individually rate their team’s adherence to each of the 12 principles on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means ‘we rock!’

3. Calculate the average rating for each of the twelve

4. Select one of the lower scoring principles and make a plan for what the team will do to improve.

5. Also identify organizational roadblocks keeping us from achieving the principle; these become action items for your Scrum Master, Coach, and/or Manager to tackle

6. Repeat this process frequently (monthly or bimonthly)

I hope this will help your team to ‘keep it real.’

Powerful question of the week:

“Which principles could help us make this decision?”

Bradley Swansontips